Dump Bodies


Dump body : AR44

Our AR44 dump body is ideal for landscaping work, carrying sand and gravel.

•Rails are made of ¼’’ steel.
•The floor is one piece of ¼ steel.
•The front is made of 3/16’’ steel.
•The side sheets are moulded from one steel 3/16’’ steel piece.
•The panel has a 5 inch incline for opening the two-way and regular doors, and are moulded in one piece to eliminate cracks. It is made of 3/16’’ reinforced steel.
•Our panel locking system is deployed by a type 30 Air booster.
•All our locking systems have a security bar.
•For a higher finish, we install hemlock plank abutments on all our dump bodies.
•All our dump bodies are sand-blasted. Then, we apply a layer of epoxy finish prior to applying a urethane paint layer.
•In addition, we install LED lights on our dump bodies with pre-assembled wiring.

•PH400 latch with hook
•Bellows/booster protector
•Tarpaulin tender
•Electric tarpaulin
•New tarpaulin rack
•Tarpaulin holding hook
•Safety hook
•Strobes lights
•Paint (selection of colours)
•Grain carrier
•Two-way door
•Heating system