Hybrid 26'

Trailer : Hybride 26'

The ACNS semi-trailer is the most stable and robust for its price-quality ratio. The ACNS semi-trailer is made from Hardox 450 steel.

The ACNS semi-trailer can unload either stopped or in motion even when the tractor cab is at an angle to the trailer. Even with no traction from the tractor, you will always get out of trouble.

The fifth wheel of the tractor is supplied with a detachable blocking device thereby allowing operation of either a hybrid or conventional ACNS semi-trailer.

The truck’s weight is equally distributed over each axle. ACNS bodies for semi-trailers are belled by 3’’ at the back for surer unloading.

Semi-trailer Model SRH300

• Length 26' X width 102"
• 450 Hardox body, flared for better unloading
• Side sheet 48" in Hardox 450 3/16 moulded in one single piece with tubular ramp
• Door 60" Hardox 450 3/16
• Bottom in Hardox 450 3/16
• Hoist cylinder by Master
• Approximate capacity: 28.5 yards

• Central stabilizer
• Under-chassis and secondary joint hinge in Hardox 450
• Joint hinges with chromed coupler for minimum maintenance, greasing from the end.

Rims and tires
• Steel wheel
• Tire Continental 11R22.5 16H 

Suspension & Axle
• Hendrickson Intraax AAT30K air suspension
• 52" axle spread
• Two 77'' 25,000 lb. axles
• Holland Mark V, two-speed, manual landing gear
• Coupling tube type screwed directly onto the cylinder
• Air bags relief valve
• Automatic brake slack adjuster
• ABS braking system

Accessories and Finish
• Front mounted ladder on driver’s side (detachable)
• Mesh canvas tarpaulin
• Electrical canvas tarpaulin
• LED light
• Rear mud-guards
• Epoxy finish
• Urethane paint (choice of colour)

• Safety hooks
• Two-way door
• Grain carrier door
• Asphalt tarpaulin
• Tarp tension hoop
• Tarpaulin retaining hooks
• Hi lift Tailgate
• Aluminum wheels
• Standard push plate
• Box Vibrator device
• Aluminum fenders
• Panel guide
• Front mud-guards
• Bottom and panels in ¼’’ Hardox 450